Panama will offer tourist packages for its “coffee circuit” to be launched in 2019

The Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) announced that it will launch a coffee circuit in various places in the western province of Chiriquí, the main producer of the best specialty coffee beans to promote it as their new tourist product in the country.

“This project seeks to highlight the value of the grain that is produced in this region and position it as a Destination Brand, with a
seal of quality,” said the administrator of the ATP, Gustavo Him, during the third edition of the National Convention of Tourism (Conatur).

The initiative executed in partnership with the Ministry of Environment (MiAmbiente), the Chamber of Tourism of Chiriquí and the Center for Competitiveness Foundation of the Western Region, will be officially presented in January 2019 with promotional packages.

Him said that these packages will include special fees, hotels and tour operators that will take care of the excursion through the farms.

Also, this project aims to accompany the owners of farms for coffee production, to try to incorporate them into tourism activities and
take advantage of it. In this sense, the entity trains site guides, teaches tourism, gives courses of culture, tourism animation on farms
and digital marketing.

The coffee circuit will cover the farms of the districts of Boquete, Tierra Altas and Renacimiento, land that produces vegetables, legumes, flowers, milk and mostly coffee.

The director of Tourism highlighted that these areas concentrate a great variety of landscapes, adventures, biodiversity, scheduled
events and high quality services.

“The product we are developing is a touristic circuit where the national and foreign tourists can live the experience of visiting
coffee farms and witness the whole process: sowing, packaging, tasting the product, but especially having that direct contact with the peasant who carries out this work,” he said.

In recent years, the aromatic coffee has positioned itself as one of the most important agricultural products of the Panamanian highlands, since it has exotic varieties of grain such as geisha, the jewel of the coffee crown.

In 2016, coffee represented 0.6 percent of total food exports, increasing to 1.2 percent by 2017, according to official figures.


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